About Us
Taylors Lakes Lotto and Gift Shop is not your basic Lotto shop, quite the opposite! While our Lotto keeps us very busy with Jackpots and our extensive syndicate offer, there is a vast range of wonderful products for you to discover in store.

Joe is the face of Taylors, our customers love coming in to see what’s happening and to have a chat, always asking where he is if they can’t see him! Sue is our passionate buyer and loves to source beautiful brands and quality products for all to enjoy while working mostly behind the scenes.

Our team of knowledgeable friendly staff complete our store.

As you walk into our store, we want to surprise and delight you with our latest finds. You may find a stunning pair of earrings from our numerous jewellery ranges or the perfect baby gift for someone quite precious to you. From a fashion tabletop book to the beautiful champagne glass all while you indulge your senses with our vast range of fragrances, in candles, diffusers, fragrant flowers or body products.

Having been a Newsagent in Essendon for 14years, we were very excited when the opportunity arose to purchase the Taylors Lakes Lotto and Newsagency back in 2006. To live in and look after our local community was exactly what we were looking for. Our vision is to continue to evolve and grow our business so we can offer more to you, our customers, to ensure you enjoy shopping with us so much that you have to tell your friends.

We want you to enjoy your experience in store or online with us, while you choose that perfect item you may or may not have been looking for.

As many of our customers tell us, they always find something to love, love to share or love to give in our little family store.